• Nasal Spray May Replace Injectable Dental Anesthesia

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    Researchers at the University of Buffalo have tested a nasal spray that could replace injectable anesthesia for most dental procedures.  If the succeeding clinical trials positively confirm the safety and efficacy of the anesthetic spray, the new technique could tremendously help millions of needle-fearing dental patients. Kovacaine Mist, the nasal dental anesthetic spray under test … Continue reading

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  • Common Habits That Could Put Kids’ Dental Health at Risk

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    Some parents or caregivers may not be aware but there are common habits at home that put their children’s oral health at risk according to the 2013 Delta Dental Children’s Oral Health Survey. Following are two of the common habits that seem harmless but should be avoided by parents or caregivers of young children: Juice … Continue reading

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  • Pediatric Tooth Decay Facts from NCOHF of Canada

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    The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation of Canada™ (NCOHF), also known as Canada’s ToothFairy, has very important information facts about tooth decay among young children. The NCHOF aims to eliminate preventable pediatric dental diseases in North America through community-based preventive, educational and treatment services.  The Facts on Pediatric Dental Diseases or Childhood Tooth Decay Pediatric … Continue reading

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