6 Reasons to Wear Retainers after Braces



Once orthodontic braces have been removed, it’s essential to wear retainers for a period prescribed by the orthodontist. People often make the mistake of considering treatment for malocclusion and other conditions to be essentially complete after braces are removed. The fact remains that retainers are virtually no less critical than braces. Information follows about far-reaching benefits of sticking with orthodontists’ instructions for wearing retainers. 

1-Maintain Correct Positions

After braces have moved teeth into the correct positions, it takes additional time for them to become stabilized. The mouth requires a period in which to adapt to significant changes, such as when teeth have been extensively repositioned. The retainers help to complete the process and maintain what has been achieved by wearing braces.

2-Prevent Teeth from Drifting

In the months immediately following the removal of braces, teeth will begin shifting back to their former positions. This process of reversal can be permanently prevented by wearing a retainer nightly for a few months or more. Each person’s situation is unique, as is the amount of time required to wear retainers. For some patients, retainers may be necessary for up to two or more years; but a few months of retainer use is the norm.

3-Ensures a Stabilized Bite

One of the principal reasons to get braces and then wear a retainer for at least a couple of months is to keep the teeth in correct alignment for a proper bite. The following are among the benefits of a proper bite:

  • Helps with chewing efficiency.
  • Can help protect tooth enamel from uneven wear.
  • Helps to prevent cracked or broken teeth
  • Makes proper oral hygiene easier to achieve.
  • Speaking clearly is easier.
  • Prevents headaches that can be caused by putting undue strain on jaw joints.

4- Keeps Space Open for Wisdom Teeth

Preteens and teenagers are the age groups who most commonly wear braces, and their bodies are still in the development phase. Orthodontists often prescribe the use of retainers during the same period when wisdom teeth begin to erupt. With careful retainer use, wisdom teeth have the space needed; and crowding doesn’t occur.

5-Bone & Gums Alignment

It can be a bit deceptive when teeth have become aligned as a result of wearing braces. It appears, at that point, that the work is complete; but it isn’t. The gums and bones take longer to finish the process of adjustment. To stabilize the teeth, they need to be held in place with the use of retainers until the bones and gums have adequately adjusted to the change.

6-Maintain your New Smile

There is tremendous value in a beautiful smile. The cosmetic aspect of braces is more than a superficial advantage. A confident smile has a huge impact, especially as compared to the kind of smile that makes people want to avoid showing their teeth. Wearing a retainer after braces come off helps to ensure that your smile maintains its eye-catching new appeal. 

Keep that Beautiful Smile! 

The most obvious motivation for following an orthodontist’s recommendations regarding wearing retainers is to keep your brand new, attractive smile in place. There are quite a few other benefits of wearing retainers related to your health–something that’s also worth prioritizing. Wearing retainers may just be, in itself, a beautiful thing. Contact the friendly professionals at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics for an appointment by calling (905) 264-1KID (1543) today.