Experienced Children’s Dentist in Vaughan


For over 10 years, the team at Woodbridge Kids dentistry has established relationships with families in Vaughan and surrounding area. Our staff have been trained to make your child’s experience easy, painless, and worry-free.

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We have experienced specialists: pediatric dentists Drs. Phu My-Gep and Charlene Walker and orthodontists: Drs. Monica Gawlik and Huy Nguyen. The specialists and Woodbridge Kids team have distinguished themselves over the past 10 years for their ability to create a kid-friendly environment that keeps families happy from the first appointment to the last.

We have designed our office to build your child’s confidence and comfort. We encourage curiosity and exploration, and are happy to answer any questions you or your child may have for us. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that our office is an inviting place for your child or teen to receive the best dental care in Vaughan. Our patients come from all regions including York Region, Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area..

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We are sensitive to your child’s concerns during dental procedures. We encourage parental presence near the dental chair, especially for young children who may experience separation anxiety. Our aim is to make your child’s dental visit a pleasant one and to relieve them of any anxious feelings.

What should you consider when choosing a kids dentist or orthodontist in Vaughan?

Pediatric dentists specialize in providing the most comprehensive preventive oral health care needs for children, from infancy through to adolescence.

Take into consideration the dentists clinical experience and training with procedures you think your child may require now, and also in the future.

Some other things to take into consideration include:

Payment plans. The dentist can cost a pretty penny, having payment plans available makes it easier to get the care your child needs. See what types of payment plans are available or if your insurance is accepted.

Child friendly environment. Including video games, movies and a toy room. Our patients look forward to their fun dental visits.

Patient comfort. Amenities such as sedation, or general anesthesia can help put your child at ease during dental treatments. Ask the dentist about options.

How do I choose the right kids dentist or orthodontist in Vaughan?

Be sure they have the proper training.

  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations.
  • You can also ask your  pediatrician or family dentist for a referral.
  • Use the internet to find local dentists in Woodbridge, websites or dental magazines for recommendations.
  • You will be able to find find pediatric dentists and orthodontists working in some medical centers, private practices as well as dental schools.
  • Ask about their training: A pediatric dentist and orthodontist will have at least two additional years of training for babies, kids, teens and kids with special needs.

The kind of care you can expect from a pediatric dentist includes:

  • Risk assessment for cavities for infants as well as oral exams.
  • Knowledge of dealing with common dental habits such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding or pacifier use.
  • Repairing of cavities or other tooth imperfections.
  • Preventive dental care including teeth cleaning, applying sealants and topical fluoride treatments.
  • Assessment of normal tooth development and the need for orthodontics to correct improper bites, or straighten teeth
  • Manage and prevent gum diseases, including periodontal disease and gingivitis.
  • Manage dental and oral conditions including short frenulae (tongue-tie or lip-tie).
  • Care of fractured teeth or displaced teeth.

Parents, your pediatric dentist should talk to you about the following:

  • Educate you on how improper diet and drinks affect your childs teeth.
  • Educate you parents on how to take proper care of infant or baby teeth.
  • How you can educate your kids and teens on the proper care of their teeth.
  • Demonstrate to you and your child the proper way to brush and floss teeth.
  • Education on the proper way to handle knocked-out teeth or fractured teeth.
  • Educate parents on when they can expect their child’s permanent teeth to come in.

On your first visit, is the office child-safe and child-friendly?

The pediatric dentist office should cater to children, with colorful walls and a hands-on toys in the waiting room, or a playroom to make the experience enjoyable.  The dentist should also be genuinely friendly and welcoming.

  • Is the dentist’s office kid-friendly? Are there hands-on activities or toys for your child to play with?
  • Are the office staff friendly, welcoming and approachable?
  • Is the dentist welcoming and hospitable?
  • Does the dentist and/or staff explain to your child what to expect from their visit?
  • Is the all around atmosphere in the office positive?
  • How does the dentist respond to an anxious or crying child?

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