Specialized Orthodontic Treatment Just for Kids


Did your last visit to your family dentist reveal that your child needs braces? Does your child need to have their bite, as well as the alignment of their teeth corrected?

Don’t take chances with just any dentist. Trust your child’s dental care to certified and established pediatric dentists and orthodontists for kids and teens in Vaughan treating children for over 20 years now.

At Woodbridge Kids, our team of orthodontists and pediatric dentists are trained specifically in handling the crucial formative years of shaping every child’s bright smile. Our team of dental care experts know how to support your child’s oral care needs at every stage of their development. With a wide range of solutions, we customize dental care according to every child’s needs and provide support for all types of orthodontic issues to successfully shape their smile and grow up confident, outgrowing crossbite, teeth alignment, and spacing problems.

Seek a second opinion: does your child really need braces?

The moment your child’s teeth shows signs of orthodontic issues, it’s common for most dentists to suggest braces to correct these, and allow your child’s teeth to properly grow, while preserving optimal function.

Over the years, we have treated many children whose needs for braces are either necessary and health-related, or cosmetic. When assessing your options, it’s important to understand the difference between the two factors: health-related dental issues, and cosmetic issues.

Are your child’s need for braces health-related, or merely cosmetic? Do they need braces for the right reasons? At Woodbridge Kids, we make sure that your child’s treatment correspond to exactly what they need to restore dental health and optimal function.

If your child’s teeth are overcrowding to the point that there is trouble maintaining proper oral hygiene, and their bite is not properly aligned, their dental problem may be more health-related. Without braces, their inability to thoroughly brush their teeth will result in gum problems and serious cavities; while the overcrowding of their teeth could result in a speech impediment. In these cases, braces will aid speech development, put a stop to harmful oral habits, and prevent the breakage of your child’s teeth.

On the other hand, however, braces are also used in cosmetic dentistry treatments. While braces are primarily for correcting serious dental issues, they are now also used for cosmetic improvements, such as fixing crooked or buck teeth. In these cases, braces may help resolve self-esteem issues, while improving a child’s appearance.

It’s easy to prescribe and prefer braces as a treatment option for your child’s dental issues, but at Woodbridge Kids, we don’t take orthodontic treatment lightly. Our team of pediatric dentists and orthodontists for kids and teens don’t prescribe braces for cosmetic reasons alone. Always, our goal is to help each child good oral health and function of their teeth and mouth, first and foremost.

What are your family’s reasons for making your child wear braces? Let’s talk about your family’s dental health goals, and assess if your child’s smile really does need that extra boost. Book a visit with us today.

Orthodontic Issues We Treat

Here are common orthodontic issues expert pediatric dentists and orthodontists deal with, and resolve in children:

  • Crossbite: This happens when your child’s upper teeth sit inside their lower teeth, causing tooth stratification, and misalignment in the development of their jaw.
  • Overbite: When your child’s upper front teeth extend out over their lower front teeth, this causes the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of their mouth.
  • Open bite: When your child has an open bite, their upper and lower front teeth do not overlap at all, resulting in difficulty chewing properly, as well as tongue thrusting.
  • Underbite: This results when the lower jaw extends out, and causes your child’s lower front teeth to appear in front of their upper front teeth.
  • Crowding: This happens when there is not enough space for teeth to properly grow out from the gums. It is usually corrected through expansion, and in many cases, tooth extraction can be avoided.
  • Widely Spaced Teeth: Large gaps between teeth may be due to missing teeth, or merely a cosmetic issue.
  • Protrusion: This occurs when your child’s upper teeth extend too far forward, or their lower teeth do not extend forward far enough. When your child has this type of bite, both their teeth’s appearance and function are affected.
  • Misaligned Dental Midlines: When your child’s back bite does not fit and match appropriately, the development of the jaw and proper dental functions can be affected.

Is your child showing signs of any of these common orthodontic problems? Early treatment can help resolve, and ultimately reverse the condition so they grow up with strong and healthy teeth. Learn more about the treatment process here.

Moving from your regular family dentist to a pediatric dentist


All dentists are trained and equipped to handle common dental issues and provide oral healthcare, but only pediatric dentists and orthodontists for kids truly understand the full depth of a child’s dental issues.

Have our orthodontists for kids and teens in Vaughan take a closer look, and let us develop a treatment plan that isn’t just one-size-fits all: we take into consideration your child’s hobbies, lifestyle, eating habits, and growth and development patterns.

It’s great if your entire family can be taken care of in one place, but when there’s too much going on, and the entire family has dental care needs that need urgent attention, you won’t want your child’s own pressing dental care needs to get lost in the mix of cases and ages treated by your regular family dentist.

At Woodbridge Kids, we specialize in the dental development of your child at every stage, and offer support and treatment options according to their own needs. We don’t wait out the first signs of dental issues, and dismiss these as developmental stages they will outgrow. Our focus is providing early treatment and prevention, so as to catch dental issues as early as possible, and correct the development of your child’s jaw bones well before reaching adulthood.

Want to learn more about what sets pediatric dentists and orthodontists for kids and teens apart? Learn more about the work of pediatric dentists, and meet our own experts.

Know Your Options

Not all dental issues are solved by wearing traditional metal braces. In fact, treating your child’s crossbite and teeth alignment issues aren’t solely about fitting them with metal wires and brackets. Today, there are many modern treatment options for your child’s dental issues.

As parents, we involve you in every step of your child’s dental treatment plan. We let you map out your family’s lifestyle, and we listen to every qualm and question your child has about restoring their teeth’s optimal appearance and function. As a family, the orthodontic team at Woodbridge Kids encourages you to know, and explore dental treatment options:

Metal Braces

Braces are used to correct the alignment of your child’s teeth, as well as the spaces between them. Over the course of their treatment, your child’s braces are expected to shift the position of their teeth to close gaps and make sure their teeth grow straight.

Metal wires and brackets make up braces, and today, still serves as the go-to option of many families, especially when their child’s dental issues are more complex. Metal braces are prescribed when your child has bridgework and back tooth bite issues, need to have their canines or premolars rotated to promote proper growth, and require their teeth to be moved vertically.

Modern braces are now also more appealing, as colored bands let your child express themselves more; and are more effective, thanks to heat-activated archwires that use your child’s own body heat to prompt teeth to move quicker, and less painfully than in the past.

Your child’s metal braces are permanent, and can only be removed by their pediatric dentist when the time comes that the alignment of their teeth have been corrected.


Over the years, we’ve seen many teens suffer from self-esteem issues because wearing braces made them feel awkward, and earned them nicknames among their peers, such as ‘metal mouth’. Our team of orthodontists for teens perfectly understand this, and it’s why we offer Invisalign, to straighten your teen’s teeth, and brighten their smile with braces that are virtually invisible! Gone are the days of pain, discomfort, and feeling awkward with metal wires and brackets. With clear aligner trays, your child can enjoy more comfort, freedom, and exert confidence.

Invisalign’s clear aligner trays lets your teen enjoy their favorite foods, play contact sports, and play their instruments. The trays can be removed when eating, drinking, brushing their teeth, attending special events, or playing, and are so clear that these are invisible to their peers when they’re wearing them.

Invisalign is definitely the perfect, modern option for correcting your teen’s dental issues, while blending into their equally modern and active lifestyle!

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are also another great alternative to metal wires and brackets, while supporting more complex dental issues that do not qualify for Invisalign treatment. These are the same size and shape as their metal counterparts, but the brackets closely match the color of your child’s teeth, or are clear and blend into their teeth.

Ceramic braces are perfect for your child’s more complex dental needs, but at the same time boost their confidence as ceramic brackets aren’t as strikingly visible as metal ones. Ceramic braces are definitely the best of both worlds!

Custom Mouthguards

At Woodbridge Kids, we understand and support your child’s lifestyle and hobbies while ensuring that they continue to receive the dental care they need. We create custom mouth guards to support your child’s everyday needs.

Mouthguards are coverings that are designed to be worn over your child’s teeth to protect them from injuries that could result from grinding their teeth, or playing rough contact sports.

Does your child like staying active or playing musical instruments, but is prone to grinding their teeth, and requires braces to treat their dental problems? Don’t let braces stand in the way of their hobbies! Our team of orthodontists create and fit your child or teen with custom mouthguards for braces. This special design allows your child to continue their activities, while protecting their teeth and braces from damage.

Deciding on the best orthodontic treatment for your child or teen? Let our professionals weigh in during a complimentary consultation. We discuss treatment options with the whole family. Book your family’s visit today!

Cost and Procedure

Your child’s dental care and confident smile shouldn’t come at a price that causes you more problems, instead of resolving your child’s dental issues. At Woodbridge Kids, our goal is to create solutions for your child’s dental treatment needs that makes the entire family happy!

Among orthodontic treatment options, metal braces are widely regarded as the most affordable option, but our entire team works with your family to arrive at an orthodontic treatment for your child or teen that best suits their lifestyle and hobbies, without breaking the bank.

Our orthodontists at Woodbridge Kids offer a free consultation to examine your child’s dental issues, and with your family, map out a treatment plan that best supports your needs and lifestyle. As your child’s treatment progresses, we also make sure that payment is hassle-free on your end, as we charge your insurance provider directly, instead of leaving you to deal with the claims process yourself.

At very low monthly payments starting at $150 a month with 0% interest, we guarantee excellent dental care for your child, and maximum affordability for your family! Trust us with one of your children’s dental treatment, and enjoy great discounts on your second child’s treatment by time they will need braces, Invisalign aligners, or custom mouthguards!

Don’t delay your child’s dental treatment any longer, and trust their oral health only with experts who understand their specific needs at each stage of their growth and development. At Woodbridge Kids, we take pride in shaping your child’s smile, and making your entire family happy and rest assured that our modern treatments are more than lifestyle- and bank account-friendly!

Start your child’s orthodontic treatment early. Book a FREE consultation, earn huge savings from our family-friendly financing options, and give your child the support they need in their growing up years. Call us at 905-264-1543 or book your visit today!