Benefits of Laser Dentistry



Laser Dentistry is becoming increasingly popular in pediatric dental care due thanks to its quick healing time and minimal post operation pain. Laser dentistry can be a very precise and extremely effective way to perform many dental procedures.

Laser dentistry allows dentists to treat of a highly specific area of focus without damaging any surrounding tissue in the process. The dentists controls the power output as well as the duration of exposure on the tissue (gum or tooth)

Laser procedures can be used to treat many different conditions. Tongue tie is a condition where the tongue is tied to the bottom on the mouth.

Laser can be used to treat many different conditions. One condition is called tongue tie, when the tongue is restricted to the bottom of the mouth and cannot move freely. The frenulum, the piece of skin under the tongue doesn’t allow the tongue to move. Soft tissue laser treatment can correct this issue efficiently and safely. Woodbridge Kids Dentistry is one of the few Pediatric Dental Clinics in the GTA that offers this kind of treatment to you and for your children.

Soft tissue laser treatments are also able to treat; lip tie, frenectomy, gingivectomy, cold and canker sores, biopsies, and expose unerupted teeth. A labial frenum will unfortunately result in a gap (diastema) between the front two teeth. The labial frenum is a piece of skin and doesn’t allow muscle movement. Soft tissue laser treatment can remove the skin and fix the problem.

Soft tissue laser treatments are being offered at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry. Find out some more information here, or call us today at 905-264-1543.