Charlie Brown and Elmo take on the Toothbrush


It’s throwback Thursday! Nothing like a good old cartoon to bring a smile to your day. Peanuts and the gang practice how to brush their teeth, but with a little twist. Using the ‘master dental book’ of brushing from Dr. Jones, Charlie Brown heads the experiment with Linus and Snoopy. Charlie explains in great detail how to choose a tooth brush, brushing techniques and finalizing the result with a red disclosing tablet. Who doesn’t love capturing a glimpse of plaque that we missed, especially red as blood. That’s enough to scare the bejeebies out of anyone! Nowadays, we use purple or blue!

His ultimate message, “Use a good toothbrush with the right strokes. Gently scrub each and every tooth” and recommends to “use fluoride toothpaste and floss“. Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Fast forward to today’s time and you’ve got Elmo from Sesame Street bust’in a move with celebrity friends such as; Bruno Mars, Nicole Kidman, Amy Ryan, David Hyde Pierce, Jay Sean, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, and Wendy Williams brushing their teeth too. The hip hop video, with nearly 4.5 millions views, sings about the importance of brushing your teeth and your technique. Elmo chants a catchy tag line “Brush your teeth, keep them looking clean and bright” and “brush them every day and night”.

Screenshot courtesy of YouTube