What Happens When Your Child has a Crossbite?



A posterior crossbite usually occurs when a child’s back teeth does not fit correctly on top of the lower teeth.  The can happen on either side of the mouth.

There are many causes for crossbites, but the most common is having a narrow upper jaw. Crossbites need to be treated as early as possible to avoid irreparable damage. If your child’s crossbite goes untreated, your child could grow up with an asymmetrical jaw.    

At Woodbridge Kids, we have a specialized team that can fix your child’s crossbite.  Continue reading to learn about crossbites!

Posterior Crossbites

When your child is growing, a posterior crossbite can have serious side effects.  A crossbite can cause a child’s lower jaw to shift to one side and make a child’s bite asymmetric.  If left untreated, crossbites can lead to permanent facial asymmetry which can only later be treated by jaw surgery.  

Crossbite Treatment

If your child has a narrow upper jaw, it can be treated by a palatal expander. Expanders are used to turn the crossbite back to the centre and widen the jaw. Expanders can only be used on children and teens, thus it is important to take your child to an orthodontist as soon as you notice an abnormality.

When to Find an Orthodontist

We suggest that you should start taking your child to an orthodontist at the age of 7.  This can help to prevent  any problems in your child’s teeth from getting worse, as well as take the correct preventative actions.

When you bring your child to Woodbridge Kids, we guide the growth of developing jaw bones that support the teeth.  We ensure that our patient’s bites are corrected and improved.  Visiting us with your child will help break harmful oral habits and help your child’s self esteem in the long run!

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