Choosing A Dentist For Your Child



Do you live in Vaughan and are you looking for the most professional dentistry practices for your child? If so, there are some very important things to take into consideration.

In order to choose the right dentist or orthodontist for your child, it is important to ensure the dentist or orthodontist has the proper training. In order to do this you can do a few things:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations
  • Get a referral from your pediatrician
  • Utilize the internet, local magazines and more for recommendations
  • Ask about their training, a pediatric dentist typically has two years of experience working with babies, teens, kids and special needs children as well.

Payment plans

Often times, it costs an arm and a leg to pay for the dentist. Having payment plans available to patients makes it easier to receive the necessary dental care your child needs. With Woodbridge Kids Dentistry you will find we have payment plan options making your visits to the dentist more financially beneficial.

Child friendly environment

To ensure a welcoming environment for children it is beneficial to include video games, movies and a toy room. We find these small additions can really motivate and encourage your children to visit the dentist instead of putting up a fight each and every time.


Amenities such as sedation or general anesthesia can put your child at ease during dental treatments. The dentist can be scary for children so ensuring that it is a safe and welcoming environment is important.

At Woodbridge Kids Dentistry we are sensitive to your child during dental procedures. Parental presence during procedures is encouraged especially for younger children or children who suffer from separation anxiety. We aim to make your child’s dental visit as pleasant as possible each and every time.

The specialists at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry have proved credibility over the past 10 years for their ability to create a friendly dental environment that keeps families happy starting on their very first visit. Want to know more? If so, call us today at 905 264-1543