Choosing The Right Orthodontist



Choosing an orthodontist for kids and teens is no easy task. It is an important decision, one that requires thought and consideration, given the long-term commitment and the nature of their work. Treatment could last for more than 2+ years, so it is crucial to find an orthodontist for your kids that suits your needs and works well with your child. It is highly recommended to talk to several orthodontic offices before making a final decision.

Below are some tips you should follow when choosing an orthodontist for kids or teens:

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Your dental clinic, as well as your friends and family, should be your resources in your search for an orthodontist. Asking other parents for recommendations is a good idea as well. Chances are if their child is around the same age as your child, then they are dealing with similar issues. It can sometimes be helpful to rely on the experiences of others to narrow down your own choices.


Ask your dental clinic and the office of orthodontists about degrees, certificates and specialized training. Find out how many years they’ve been practicing, what types of procedures they offer, and how much experience they have in completing the procedures. Also, ask about their different experiences in the field and how they’ve dealt with difficult situations in the past.


It is important to find out what is included in the fees, as soon as possible to ensure there are no hidden costs, or added extra fees in the future. Ask about the costs of aftercare, and about the aftercare process as well.  Normally all costs are included in quote given to you, but it can be helpful to ask about costs for follow-up visits, x-rays, photos, appliances and retainers, just in case your child requires more treatment.

Office & Doctor

Most importantly, choose an orthodontic office and doctor that makes you and your kid feel comfortable. Is the office welcoming and friendly? Does the orthodontist genuinely listen to your concerns and address your questions? These are the questions to ask yourself while choosing an orthodontist for kids or teens. It is also important to make sure that your child is comfortable with the orthodontist, and that there is a level of trust between. The idea of straighter teeth and an improved smile after braces can be exciting, but the decision can also raise many questions and can sometimes cause anxiety, especially in younger patients. It’s worth taking the extra time to carefully research orthodontic offices to ensure your experience with braces will be a positive one.


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