Crooked Teeth? Our Dental Clinic In Woodbridge Has Answers!



Is your child troubled by their crooked smile? If so, don’t stress, at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry and Orthodontics, we offer early treatment for the best possible results! Call us at 905 264 1543 or read more for information!

If you have ever had braces you have experience with the fats that they are extremely uncomfortable, and food is constantly getting stuck in between them. The good thing about braces is that is only a temporary process that will have life-long results!  When your child removes the braces, their teeth will be straight and they won’t be able to stop smiling.

Ceramic (Clear) Brackets

At our Woodbridge Dental Clinic we recommend Radiance Plus brackets. These brackets are a clear, invisible alternative to typical braces. Adjustments to these brackets are done every 4-6 weeks and good oral hygiene habits becomes extremely important when you have ceramic brackets.


We do offer our patients the Invisalign option at our Woodbridge Dental Clinic. We understand that having straight teeth and aligned jaw can help prevent further oral hygiene complications. Invisalign is a modern alternative to metal braces that work similarly shifting teeth into place.

Checkups and Aftercare

After getting braces, checkups become more regular and they really do matter! If you notice that your child is not cleaning their teeth and braces properly each day, cavities will start to generate around the braces which can leave very unattractive brown, and yellow spots on your teeth after removal of your braces.

At Woodbridge Kids Dentistry we provide only the most genuine dental care to our patients! We want to ensure that your braces do the job they are supposed to but that you experience full comfortability in the process.

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