Fighting Cavities with Fantastic Dentistry in Woodbridge



Cavities can be a pain; the good news is that preventing them has never been easier! Read our blog below to learn more about your child oral health. Left untreated, a cavity can cause pain, further tooth decay and dangerous infections such as an abscess. What is a cavity? Experts on pediatric oral health in Vaughn say that a cavity develops when a tooth decays. This decay is caused by plaque which can lead to loss of enamel. Simply put, a cavity is a hole in a tooth that grows both on the outside and on the inside.

Why Do Cavities Love My Child?

It is no secret that children are occasionally guilty of not taking the utmost care of their teeth. Often times, children have short attention spans, leading them to not pay attention to the smaller details of dental hygiene such as brushing twice a day and flossing. With busy schedules in our modern lives, sometimes it is easy to overlook the times your child is tired from their late soccer game and does not want to brush their teeth. Kids these days are always on the run, making oral health hygiene come in second on their list of priorities. The next major culprit of tooth decay is sugar. A diet high in sugar can produce more acid in your child’s mouth, which lead to more decay. With candy, sugary breakfast cereals, sweet juices and rushed dinners, children potentially take in a lot of sugar.

Tips From The Top Pediatric Dentist in Woodbridge

Cavities are preventable in most cases, if you know what to look our for. Starting off with good oral health care habits is a must; learning to brush twice a day and floss will prevent avoidable cavities in the future. Taking in the right amount of flouride, whether in toothpaste or an oral rinse, helps to strengthen the enamel. Finally, limiting sugars and eating foods with lower acidity will aid your child in keeping cavity free teeth. Do You Need A Dentist in Woodbridge? Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, are far more susceptible comes to cavities. They can progress rapidly if not addressed at the early stage, due to their porous nature. During an appointment, if a dentist notices a cavity, then an appointment will be made to have it filled promptly to help maintain your child’s happy, healthy smile.

Cavities are a nuisance, and a literal pain! Continue to help your child care for their teeth to prevent them in the future. Call for local pediatric dentistry in Woodbridge today and schedule a checkup for your child today! 905-264-1543!