Filling Procedures At Our Dental Clinic in Woodbridge



Teaching your children good oral hygiene habits in their first few years is extremely important. Although oral care is practiced, it is still common for children to overload on candy, and other foods that can cause cavities in their teeth.

If your child is suffering from cavities and needs fillings, our Dental Clinic in Woodbridge is the solution to your problem!

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There are many types of filling and restoration options such as:

Restorative (fillings):

Fillings are better known as restorations, because they restore your child’s teeth to functioning, full health, and an improved physical appearance. There are a variety of restorative filling options such as; Composite (resin), Amalgam (silver), Strip Crowns, Stainless Steel Crowns, Pulpotomy and Root Canal Therapy, Zirconia Crowns (white tooth- colored crown).

Composite (Resin) fillings:

These are plastic, white fillings that are good looking and strong. These fillings require the skills of a Pediatric Dentist. At our dentistry in Woodbridge we believe that most youth cavities can be overcome with composite fillings.

Amalgam (Silver) fillings:

This option is not as physically pleasing as other options because the silver filling is visible, but this is the more economical route to go.

Stainless Steel Crowns:

Crowns are typically recommended for; broken down or decayed molar teeth, molar teeth that require further treatments, and bite problems. These provide help to those whose teeth that are severely damaged or have become damaged over time.

Zirconia Crowns (White tooth- colored crown):

This is a durable, metal-free crown and it is aesthetically pleasing, but best of all it is sure to keep your child happy and smiling. Zirconia is a type of porcelain material that is very durable and functions just like a natural tooth with natural tooth coloring.

If your child is in need of fillings, or even if you are just looking for a reliable dentist in Woodbridge, the professionals at Woodbridge Kids dentistry are willing to help you!

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