If your child has been diagnosed with a cavity different treatment options will be presented.

since primary teeth are not as strong as permanent teeth, cavities in primary teeth can progress very quickly if not addressed early.

Fillings are better known as restorations, because they restore your child’s teeth to regular function and appearance.

Restorative (filling) options:

  1. Composite (resin)
  2. Amalgam (silver)
  3. Strip Crowns
  4. Stainless Steel Crowns
  5. Pulpotomy and Root Canal Therapy
  6. Zirconia Crowns (white tooth-coloured crown)

Composite (Resin) Restorations

These are white “plastic” fillings that are both good looking and durable. These fillings require a skilled technique, which the Pediatric Dentists of Woodbridge Kids Dentistry are proud to display. Most youth cavities can be restored with composite fillings.

Amalgam (Silver) Restorations

This is an economical treatment option but it is not as visually pleasing as other options.

There has been some public concern about the health risks of amalgam fillings due to the perceived mercury content, however despite rigorous scientific testing, there has been no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Stainless Steel Crown

Crowns are recommended for:

  1. severely broken down and/or decayed molar teeth
  2. molar teeth that require pulpal treatment
  3. bite problems

In these cases, a conventional filling will not last until the treatment of choice is a stainless steel crown.

Zirconia Crowns (white tooth-coloured crown)

We are pleased to offer a ceramic white crown option to the conventional stainless steel crowns. This is a durable metal-free crown and is an esthetically pleasing option that is sure to keep your child smiling.

Zircona is a type of porcelain material that is very durable and mimics natural tooth colour and function. However, zirconia crowns for children come in stock sizes and may not be an option for all children. Because it is a cosmetic procedure, the fees are a little higher than conventional fillings and crowns and not all insurance companies will reimburse fully for these procedures.

What Does a Crown Look Like?

The crown is a tooth shaped silver covering, or cap, which protects the tooth. It is cemented in place, and is meant to be permanent until the child loses his or her baby tooth.

With Crowns, Foods to Avoid:

Sticky candy such as jelly beans, jujubes, caramels, licorice, gummy candy, fruit roll-ups and especially bubble gum can and WILL pull the crown off. Sticky candies are also some of the worst culprits for causing cavities.

Do not allow your child to have these forbidden treats for the entire length of time they have their crown, unless you or your child enjoys the crowning procedure enough to undergo it a second time.

Sugarless gum is an acceptable substitute as it is not as sticky and also acts to prevent cavities.

What to Do if the Crown Falls Out:

Please save it and call our office immediately for an appointment to re-cement it. If there is a lengthy delay in re-cementing the crown, the affected tooth may need to be re-prepped and a new crown fabricated.