First Visit


Your child’s first dental visit should occur near their first birthday or within 6 months after their first tooth appears, whichever comes first. We love to have older siblings mentor their younger siblings through the first dental experience. We encourage older siblings to “model” an example of what is involved in a dental check-up.

New Patient Form and Medical Questionnaire

Upon arrival at our clinic, you will need to fill out a few forms (our new patient questionnaire and medical history document). We request that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill out all necessary information. In order to speed up this process, you may also download the form and fill it out prior to the appointment. The form may be emailed, faxed or brought in on the day of your appointment.

New Patient Online Form

Personal Information Privacy Policy

Video Selection

We encourage our patients to choose a video to watch during their dental examination. Or if you prefer, please feel free to bring one of your child’s favourite videos to watch during their dental visit. Each operatory is equipped with LCD televisions directly above the dental chairs

The Dental Consultation

Parental presence near the dental chair is encouraged, especially for very young children who may experience separation anxiety. We want your child to enjoy going to the dentist and wish to make it a pleasant experience. Your dentist may decide, at subsequent appointments, if parental separation is required, but will do so only when absolutely necessary.

We prefer that our patients in the dental chair by themselves. We understand that some of our patients may be reluctant to do this and will be happy to work with your child’s specific needs at the time of the appointment.

The first appointment is a consultation only unless there are any emergent needs. By making the first visit short and easy, children have a better attitude about their return check-ups or subsequent treatment appointments.

A general first visit will include a ride in the dental chair and “count” of the patient’s teeth. When we “count teeth,” we are really completing a dental exam and checking for tooth decay. We also take this opportunity to get an idea of what the patient’s bite looks like.

Depending on the level of cooperation from our patient, may clean their teeth on the first visit.

If necessary, x-rays may be recommended but will be taken at a subsequent visit. If your referring dentist has taken recent x-rays, please bring them with you or have them forwarded to our office. We will return all original x-rays.

Treatment Plan and Appointment Scheduling

If your child has additional treatment needs, a treatment plan will be created and discussed with you. The team at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry will discuss different options, benefits, and risks of each option. You will be provided with an estimate that we will be happy to submit to your insurance plan on your behalf.

Our treatment coordinator will review the written estimate with you and assist you with appointment scheduling.

We recommend that children see their dentist every six months so they get used to visiting the dentist regularly and any decay can be discovered and treated early. Preventive dentistry has generally been a great success for our patients and the dental profession alike.

Feel free to ask questions any time to any members of the Woodbridge Kids Dentistry team.

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!