Floss Your Inner Ninja with GumChucks



These seriously cool fly by night Ninja style GumChucks has got kids begging to floss! It’s about time flossing became fun and these guys have got it right. So what’s the deal on GumChucks? They resemble miniature Nun Chucks, that feature disposable tips, which sport a ¾ inch piece dental floss, claiming to be the “ultimate attack on plaque”. Their mission is to help create life long flossing habits, simply by adding fun.


Branding themselves brilliantly, they’ve created Tonsil town™ with cartoon characters Plaque Man, Ninja Vitis, Molar Bear and the Hygenie, The Flossopher, Slime Shady, and Count Plaqula. The story of Tonsil town™ takes place in the mouth of an international super spy, who travels around the world fighting plaque destructing ninja missions. Kids can collect and trade cards included in the package and even download colouring pages based on the characters.


That’s not all, you can join in on the action with their new video game app for ipad and iphone called, GumChucks, Weapons of Plaque Destruction for $1.99. According to their website, the objective is for the player to enter a creepy cavity atmosphere and destroy members of the loitering Mouth Mob. They try to complete 30 timed ninja GumChuck missions by dodging loogies, smashing lollipops leaping over death-defying trenches and more.