Guide to Your Kid’s Braces Removal & Post-Braces Dental Care



Getting your child’s braces removed feels like the end of an era – it’s the end of dealing with metal wires and brackets, but it’s not the end of oral care and visits to your kid’s orthodontist in Vaughan for post-braces care. It’s important to prepare your child for getting their braces removed, and making sure they receive the best post-braces dental care to ensure that the treatment works in correcting their teeth’s alignment for good, and their winning smiles are here to stay.

What to Expect During the Removal of Braces

In the same way that children need to understand why they will have to wear braces, and they were prepared for the procedure with several visits to their orthodontist in Vaughan, kids also need to understand the process involved in removing their braces, and what to expect.

Typically, both parents and children want to know how long it takes to remove braces. The removal usually lasts for an hour, and your kid’s orthodontist will inform you about the removal during a previous visit. However, not all scheduled dates for removal of braces push through, as your child’s teeth could move unexpectedly, or still have not moved enough by the time the removal is scheduled. This could lead to the removal being postponed to a later, more suitable date.

Your kid’s orthodontist will use pliers to remove all the brackets, thoroughly scrape and clean all the glue off their teeth, and take a mold for their retainer. As opposed to placing braces, the removal does not hurt. Your child may feel a only a little pressure, but there won’t be pain.

Getting your child’s braces removed means finally seeing their new, confident smile. How their teeth will look then depends on how these were taken care of when your child had their braces on. Practicing good dental care while wearing braces as recommended by your kid’s orthodontist will make your their teeth look perfect when braces are removed; but their teeth can also be stained with yellow tartar and marks known as “white scars” due to poor oral hygiene.

Continued Dental Care and Treatment

Getting your kid’s braces removed isn’t the end of all your visits to their orthodontist in Vaughan, and it certainly isn’t the end of dental care. Maintaining dental care post-braces is just as important as when your child wore them.

To maintain their teeth’s new appearance and bright smile, their future trips to the orthodontist should also include dental cleaning as their braces could have made it hard to reach some corners in their mouth for proper cleaning.

After braces, your child will wear retainers for continued support of their teeth’s improved alignment. Your kid’s orthodontist will typically recommend wearing retainers for a few years, and in some cases even indefinitely, as this prevents your child’s teeth from slowly shifting out of place.

A retainer can cause a lisp and difficulty speaking at first. To help with this, encourage them to practice speaking, read aloud, or sing – exercising their mouths will help them get rid of the lisp within a day or so, and their mouths will get used to working around the retainer’s plastic and wires. Extra saliva and drooling are also common, but these will go away after the first day or two. When going out to eat in Vaughan, remind your child not to leave their retainer on a napkin, as this is the most common way retainers are lost because people accidentally throw them in the trash.

If your kid’s teeth showed signs of staining, orthodontists recommend waiting for at least a month before starting a bleaching or whitening treatment to restore appearance. This will help their teeth become less sensitive, as the removal of brackets exposes their teeth’s enamel. Your child might also note sensitivity in their teeth or gums. To help with this, it’s essential to keep them from binging on crunchy and chewy food they previously missed out on; instead, they can be slowly eased into treats, but always with caution and proper dental hygiene.

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