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Gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, occurs when the gums are infected by harmful bacteria that could damage them as well as the supporting tooth structure. Because of its far-reaching consequences well into adulthood, a timely diagnosis and treatment of this condition are of the utmost importance.

Woodbridge Kids Dentistry is a trusted family orthodontist in the York region, dedicated to providing preventative and restorative oral care treatments to keep your child healthy and happy. Our dentists have a wealth of experience in diagnosing and treating gum disease in children.

Symptoms of gum disease could range from mild to severe. The mildest type is gingivitis, and this is something a majority of children with gum disease have. Here, what you may notice is that the gums are red, sore and swollen with possible bleeding. 

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Risk Factors For Gum Disease

Plaque building up on the teeth is one of the main triggers of gum disease. Plaque is comprised of bacteria that cling to the tooth structure. If it isn’t removed, the plaque hardens to create tartar. It’s important to teach your child the importance of good oral hygiene from day one.

There are a handful of other factors that could put your child at risk of developing periodontal disease;

– Hereditary

– Food lodged in the gums

– Inhaling through the mouth which leads to drying of the gums

– Improper diet

– Autoimmune diseases

– Smoking

– Diabetes

– Hormonal imbalances such as during puberty

– Grinding of the teeth (bruxism)

– Medications that result in an overgrowth of the gums

How is gum disease diagnosed? A qualified orthodontist will review your child’s medical history and conduct a physical examination of their teeth and gums. The dentist may also ask for a series of X-Rays to be taken. 


Treatment of Gum Disease 

Treatment measures vary from one patient to the next based on their symptoms, health profile and age. Early treatment is highly crucial so as to prevent the symptoms from worsening over time. The bone structure around the teeth is at risk of dissolving if gum disease isn’t treated in a timely manner. 

Your child’s treatment could include a range of different measures such as;

Oral Hygiene Program: Your dentist may prescribe regular cleanings to combat gingivitis and advise your child to brush and floss daily under your supervision. 

Deep Cleaning: This is geared to extract plaque and tartar from under the gum. Deep cleaning could also smoothen the damaged root surface of the teeth so as to allow the gums to reattach. 

Medications: Antibiotics could be inserted in the periodontal pocket or provided as a pill to ingest by mouth. 

Laser Surgery: If the disorder is advanced, the dentist may suggest getting the infected areas cleaned via laser surgery. Laser treatment preserves the tissue and restores the strength of the bone structure. During the treatment, the dentist uses a laser to reach the infected gum pocket to kill infected tissue and harmful bacteria. Laser energy is also used to heat up the stem cell that holds the blood in this pocket and produces a seal of tissue against the root of the tooth. 


Early Treatment is Important!

Woodbridge Kids Dentistry Safely Diagnoses and Treats Your Child’s Gum Disease

When left unchecked, periodontal disease could loosen the teeth and cause swelling of the gums. It’s important to approach a qualified dentist today.

Woodbridge performs pediatric dental care treatments under the highest standards of medical safety. Our warm and attentive staff will put your child at ease during the treatment and encourage them to follow good oral hygiene practices after. 

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