How to Clean and Maintain Braces



Braces are a great way to fix a variety of issues your child may have with their teeth. Making sure that your child takes care of their braces is just as important as making sure they take care of their teeth. Braces can be difficult to clean because they can trap bits of leftover food and plaque between the teeth, which has the potential to lead to tooth decay and cavities.

If you or your child are not sure how to properly clean their braces, keep reading for an easy guide on cleaning both traditional metal braces and Invisalign braces. You can also ask the team at Woodbridge Kids any questions when you book your next orthodontist appointment in Vaughan here.

Cleaning Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces tend to get bits of food and plaque stuck in them, and if they are not cleaned properly it can cause the teeth underneath to decay.

When metal braces are properly taken care of, they can do wonders for problematic teeth. The important thing to remember when cleaning traditional braces is to clean behind the wires, as well as between the gums and the metal brackets. Brushing should take place after every meal, and just before going to bed.

Start by cleaning your teeth and metal brackets. You want to take your toothbrush and scrub around the metal brackets, making sure to clean both the tops and bottoms of the metal. Brush away plaque and food particles by angling the brush directly towards the teeth. Remember that brushing your teeth with braces will take more time as there is more to clean; don’t rush and make sure you clean as much as your can reach with your brush.

Cleaning under the wire is done after your finished brushing your teeth and metal brackets. The easiest way to clean under the wire is by using dental floss. This can be tricky and is time-consuming, but don’t get discouraged. This step is important in making sure that all plaque and food particles are completely removed. Slip the floss under a wire, and maneuver it between the teeth under that wire. This will clean between your teeth and gums, removing any bits missed by your toothbrush, as well as cleaning anything caught under the wire. Afterwards remember to rinse your mouth to remove and extra little bits, and you’re done.


Invisalign aligners can be freely removed from the mouth, which makes the cleaning process is much quicker, especially for children. Start by removing the Invisalign braces from your teeth. Take a toothbrush and carefully scrub the outside and inside of the aligner, making sure not to scratch the surface, as this can lead to bacteria getting caught in the aligner. You can also purchase Invisalign cleaning systems for a more thorough clean.

Once you’ve cleaned your aligner, rinse it off with water and start brushing and flossing your teeth. Invisalign braces act as a barrier from food and plaque, but they can also trap them in, so making sure your teeth are clean is still extremely important.  You don’t want your newly straightened teeth to become ruined by decay.

For more tips and information about cleaning your child’s braces, give the team at Woodbridge Kids Dentist a call at 905-264-1543. Or ask when you book an appointment in Vaughan.