How to Prepare Your Child For their First Cavity Filling



You’ve just heard the words no parent wants to hear. “Your child has cavities.”

First things first, don’t beat yourself up, it happens. Second, book your child an appointment to get their cavities filled to prevent them from getting worse. The team at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry are specifically trained in pediatric dentistry, and can help you and your child get through the procedure easily! Call today at (905) 264-1543 or book an appointment online.

Now you’ve booked the appointment to get those cavities filled. But what can you do after that? What options do you have? And how do you prepare your child for the filling procedure? Luckily for you, the team at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry has some tips on how to prepare your child for their first cavity filling.

Fillings Options

Woodbridge Kids Dentistry provides many options for your child’s filling, including:

  • Composite restorations (resin)
  • Amalgam restorations (silver
  • Strip crowns
  • Stainless steel crowns
  • Zirconia crowns (white or tooth-coloured)

For more information about each and what will benefit your child, talk to your dentist or visit our page on fillings.

Preparing Your Child

It’s time to educate your child. The best way to do this is to be calm, confident and positive; give your child basic information that will let them know what’s going to happen, but without scaring them. Remember, it’s easy for parents to unintentionally pass on their fear of the dentist, so keep the information simple. Also, try not to make it seem like a punishment by saying, “you don’t brush your teeth properly and now you have a cavity.” This will only frighten your child more.

You can also try using dentist books with younger kids to backup information in a child-friendly way. On the day of the appointment, make sure you send the calmer parent with your child, because if you’re nervous, your child is going to be nervous too.

Laughing Gas and Sedation Options

If your child has more than one cavity getting filled, or they are nervous about the procedure, laughing gas or general anesthesia is an option for them. Laughing gas will allow them to calm down so that the dentist can do the procedure more quickly and effectively than if your child was nervous and fidgeting. It will also distract them from the pinch of the freezing needle, and provide extra pain relief.

Some children might benefit more from anesthesia, or sedation, which will put them to sleep during the procedure instead. This really depends on the individual child and how nervous they are. Some kids have no problem going to the dentists while others have a real fear of it. Discuss your options with your dentist prior to the appointment to figure out what the best option for your child is.

After the procedure, your child might not like the numb feeling; the best thing for you to do is to reassure them that the feeling will go away in a little while. Also, make sure that they don’t scratch or suck on their lip, or bite their cheeks or tongue; they might not feel it right after the fillings procedure, but when the freezing wears off they will.

Preventing New Cavities

Now that you and your child have survived their first fillings appointment, focus on preventing new cavities from forming. Take a look at what your child was eating before they got their first cavity; if they ate a lot of sugary foods, that’s a sign to cut back and choose healthier options instead.  Also, make sure they understand the importance of proper brushing and flossing.

Remember, while diet and oral health care are things that you can control, sometimes there are other factors that affect your child’s teeth. These include the shape of their teeth, the amount of fluoride they are getting, the amount of bacteria in their mouths, and even your own dental history. If you are prone to cavities, there is a chance that your child got passed that gene as well. Take extra precaution and make sure that they are properly cleaning their teeth every day.

Does your child have a filling coming up? Talk to a Woodbridge Kids dentist to learn more! Call (905) 264-1543 today!