Infant Dental Care Tips For First Time Parenting



It’s no secret that being a first time parent is in equal parts a great bundle of joy and a giant ball of stress. From keeping your child healthy, handling their first tantrum, deciding on a family doctor, and more, first time parenting can really be a handful. With so many decisions to make, first time parents might not realize the importance of infant dental care in the long-term health of their child. For new families in Vaughan, first time parents can seek the help and advice of an infant dental care specialist to start caring for their children’s dental health early on.

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Clean Your Baby’s Mouth After Meals

Babies may not be born with teeth and take a while before they start growing their first tooth, but that doesn’t mean first time parents can only begin looking after their child’s dental health when they already have a full set of teeth. By time a baby is about six to eight months old, their primary teeth begin growing out of their gums. It is recommended that you to start taking care of your baby’s dental health at the first sign of teeth. Instilling good dental habits in your child starts with how you take care of their teeth even when they are babies.

It is important to clean your baby’s teeth after meals. There are infant brushes that can be used that are gentle on their gums. If your baby’s teeth are not large enough for brushes, you can use a piece of gauze or wet facecloth to wipe their teeth and gums. Starting good dental habits in infancy can carry on to when they learn how to take care of themselves. Waiting until your child is a toddler before brushing their teeth or talking to them about dental hygiene will just increase their chance of developing cavities and experiencing tooth decay even before their first visit to the dentist.

Baby’s First Visit to the Dentist

First time parents in Vaughan can take their baby to an infant dental care clinic that will gladly advise them on how they can best clean their children’s teeth and avoid cavities. It’s best to take your baby to a dentist when they are around one year of age, or when their first teeth begin to show. Even babies can develop cavities and have their teeth fall off earlier than they should, but proper brushing and regular visits to your infant dental care specialist in Vaughan can help keep your child’s teeth healthy. Avoiding cavities in infants can also be helped by not feeding them fluids other than water in their bottle at night. Leaving sugar overnight in their mouths causes tooth decay over time.

Growing Up with Healthy Teeth

Many of us probably remember being afraid of dentists as children, and dreaded going to the clinic for fear of a cavity treatment or tooth extraction. To avoid having your child develop a fear of dentists, stick to hygiene practices and turn activities such as brushing teeth or flossing into family bonding time. You should also talk to your kids about the effects of too much sugar and explain to them properly the effects of tooth decay. It is recommended that parents watch their kids’ diet to make sure they receive the right nutrients without eating food that may cause harm to their teeth, such as decay or even breakage. To help your child embrace dental health as an important part of their well-being, schedule your trips to the dentist regularly, and in the clinic involve them when your dentist talks to you about tips for taking care of your teeth.

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