Laser Dentistry



We are pleased to announce that soft tissue laser treatments are now being offered at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry. Laser Dentistry is becoming increasingly prevalent in pediatric dental care due to quick healing time and minimal post operative pain.

Laser can be used to treat many conditions such as ankyloglossia, better known as tongue tie. Tongue tie is when the tongue is stuck to the bottom of the mouth and doesn’t touch the lip. Newborns that are tongue tied have difficulty latching on while breastfeeding, and laser will correct this problem instantly. This means baby can breast feed immediately after the tongue tie surgery because there is no need for local anesthetic during the procedure. If you have a tongue tied baby and are having breastfeeding problems, laser treatment is the most favourable option for tongue tie release and to begin bonding with your baby. There are different types of tongue tie such as, posterior tongue tie, maxillary tongue tie and lingual tongue tie. Lingual tongue tie is common with nursing problems. Currently Woodbridge Kids Dentistry is one of the few Pediatric Dental Clinics in the GTA that offers soft tissue laser treatment.

Laser can also successfully and safely treat, lip tie, frenectomy, gingivectomy, cold and canker sores, biopsies, and expose unerupted teeth to name a few. A labial frenum causes a gap between the front two teeth. This gap is called a diastema. The frenum is a fold of skin and does not allow muscle movement. A frenectomy done with the laser removes this fold of skin. Orthodontic patients commonly have this procedure done to assist in closing the gap and prevent the gap from reemerging. Like the tongue tie surgery there is minimal post operative pain and quick healing time, and sedation may not be necessary. Contact Woodbridge Kids Dentistry today to learn about soft tissue laser dentistry.