Malocclusion in Children and Teens



A malocclusion, otherwise known as a “bad bite”, is a condition than an orthodontist can correct in your teen. Your child’s top front teeth should ideally extend over the bottle teeth a little bit, and the
molars should seamlessly meet. If your teens bite does not do this, then it is likely that they have a bad bite. This could result in issues with chewing food properly, or even lisps. What causes this phenomenon? Learn everything you need to know about malocclusion by reading our blog below.

Is Malocclusion Genetic?

More times than not, bad bites are caused by genetics. Malocclusion is a hereditary condition that can be passed down to your children. Children with differently sized upper and lower jaws will likely experience some form of a bad bite if there is overcrowding of the teeth.

Are There Other Causes?

Certain habit sin early child could potentially promote the development of a bad bite. Thumbsucking is notoriously bad for developing malocclusion in children. Other habits such as tongue thrusting, long-term bottle use, and overuse of a pacifier are also known causes for bad bites in children.

What Are The Signs of a “Bad Bite”?

The symptoms for a child or teen with a bad bite are:

  • Irregular teeth alignment
  • Irregular facial appearance
  • Painful biting or chewing
  • Speech impediments, such as a lisp.
  • Mouth breathing.

Should I Consult with a Professional?

While some bad bites are very minor and do not need treatment, many cases will be overlooked and will develop into greater dental problems later in life.M We recommend seeking the advice of a skilled orthodontist if your child or teen is experience tooth pain, jaw aches, or developing new symptoms of malocclusion.

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