Modern Family Meets the Legendary Tooth Fairy



Without being a spoiler, a new episode of Modern Family, “Career Day”, meets the legendary Tooth Fairy, …ahem Hailey.

Previously, in a not so clear headed evening, the Tooth Fairy left Lily a generous $100 bill for her first tooth. Mitch accuses the lovely fairy of dipping into too much Chardonnay, and not realizing the extra couple of zeros on the bill.

According to the most recent Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the average cost of a precious tooth is just under $2.50 to build her lovely castle. Lily cashed in big setting a rather large precedence in their community. The magical fairy legend also has international friends, such as; mice, rats, elves and brownies, who don’t exactly have that kind of cash lying around and won’t be too pleased. Only in Costa Rica and Chile do children give them to their mothers to make treasured enamel jewelry. I wonder how much the Modern Family Tooth Fairy would pay for one of these necklaces?