Orthodontic Tips for Teens: Cleaning Your Invisalign



For many teens, wearing traditional metal braces for orthodontic treatment can make them feel self conscious and even prevent them participating in sports or playing musical instruments. This is why many parents opt for Invisalign for their teen’s alignment. Invisalign provides a modern alternative to metal braces that is attractive, comfortable, and low-maintenance

Invisalign makes orthodontic treatment less of a chore for you teen by removing the need to deal with brackets, wires, elastics or trapped food and plague. However, although Invisalign offers a low-maintenance alternative to metal braces, there are still a few important measures your teen should be taking to ensure their treatment moves along smoothly.

Keep reading below to learn our orthodontic care tips for teens with Invisalign. Have concerns about your teens treatment? Contact our teen orthodontists in Vaughan today for more information.

Keeping Aligners Clean and Pristine

When it comes to Invisalign, a main concern is ensuring they are kept clean. Aligners are exposed to the same plaque and bacteria as our mouths are, so it’s important that your teen cleans their aligners each time they clean their teeth to prevent build up.

While simple to clean, invisible aligners do require specific care. Here’s some tips for your teen to keep their aligners in perfect condition:

Rinse Aligners Every Time They Are Removed

When wearing Invisalign, it’s important that your teen removes them before they eat anything and that they rinse them thoroughly each time they are removed. This will wash out any bacteria, saliva, or food particles, helping to prevent build up.

Brush and Floss Before Wearing

One of the few tedious aspects of Invisalign, brushing and flossing before putting your teen puts their aligners back on after eating is crucial. If this is neglected, your teen will have a higher risk of food particles getting stuck in their aligners and causing dental issues.

Only Rinse and Wash With Cold Water

This tip may feel contrary to common knowledge, but when it comes to Invisalign warm or hot water can cause more harm than good. It’s important that your teenenver washes their aligners with hot water or runs them through the dishwasher as the keat could damage the plastic and ruin the aligners.

Do Not Soak Aligners in Mouthwash

Many teens falsely believe that soaking in mouthwash will provide extra cleaning to help remove bacteria from their aligners the same way it would for their teeth. However, the green and blue colouration of most mouthwashes can discolour aligners and giving your teens aligners and consequently their teeth a coloured tint. Rather, instruct your teen to soak their aligner in a clear retainer or denture cleaner.

Wash With Soap, Not Toothpaste

Another common misconception is that toothpaste works as well for aligners as it does for teeth. Like with mouthwash, however, toothpaste actually has the potential to damage your teens aligners. Toothpaste can be abrasive against plastic, which may cause scratches against aligners, making them easier to notice when being worn. Keep your teens invisible aligners invisible by teaching them to gently brush aligners with antibacterial soap.

Invisalign offers teens a modern alternative to metal braces, but these also require proper care to ensure that treatment proceeds smoothly. Contact our orthodontist for teens in Vaughan today to learn more about helping your teen care for their aligners.