Prevent These Common Teeth Habits in Children



We realize that young children might not be the most aware of their oral health habits and hygiene practices, but as their caregiver, it is up to you to ensure that your child is maintaining happy and healthy oral habits! To make sure you are not putting your child’s oral health at risk, read these surprisingly common mistakes below!

Rethink Sharing Your Food

While it might be tempting to let baby try your food of of your fork or spoon, we urge you to reconsider. Young infants actually have very clean mouths; the issue arises when their teeth begin to poke through. Even if you take very good care of your teeth and have spectacular oral health habits, your child is still more susceptible to things like cavities in this state. Try not to share utensils with younger children and only let them eat of their designated utensils. Sharing utensils can cause the small amount of the bacteria on your spoon or fork to transfer into your child’s mouth, and the bacteria can colonize. This also includes drinking glasses, so make sure your child only sips from their own personal cup!

Night-Time Drinks

While seeing your child cuddled up with their bottle during nap time is adorable, it might actually be doing more harm than good. Children, especially children under the age of four, should not be left with a bottle of juice or milk during their bedtimes. Why is this a bad oral health habit? A bottle with juice or milk while your child sleeps can cause “baby bottle tooth decay”. Caregivers should always remember to clean their child’s mouth before putting them for bed, and if they have a bottle, they will just introduce bacteria into to the mouth. If your little one is having trouble kicking the habit, fill a bottle with water instead.

So-Called “Healthy” Foods

While some foods might be good for your child’s belly, they might not be so good for your child’s oral health. Foods like bananas, raisins, and whole-grain crackers are often overlooked. Make sure your child’s mouth is thoroughly cleaned after ingesting these sneaky foods.

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