Preventative Dental Care For Infants in Vaughan



When babies are born they have a primary set of teeth formed underneath the gums. When the infant hits about six to eight months old the teeth begin to become visible in the child’s mouth. By the age of 3 all primary teeth should be in your child’s mouth.

Preventative dentistry is very important to begin at infancy to ensure further problems do not arise with your child’s dental hygiene as they get older.

At Woodbridge Kids Dentistry in Vaughan we are sensitive to your child’s concerns during all of our dental procedures. Our aim is to ensure that your child has a pleasant dental visit and to relieve them of any anxious feelings they may get.

What does preventative dental care consist of?

Preventative dental care is meant to ensure that your child continues the most hygienic dental practices as they grow up. It includes;

  • Improper diet and how it affects the teeth negatively
  • Educates parents on how to take care of infant teeth
  • Demonstrates the proper way to brush and floss your teeth
  • It ensures you know how to handle damages to your child or infant’s teeth
  • Educate parents on when they can expect baby teeth, or permanent teeth to come in

What you should consider when choosing a dentist for your Infant in Vaughan:

  • Are they trained to treat infants
  • Ask family and friends for recommendations
  • Look up information about dentistry’s in Vaughan before deciding

What kind of care can you expect for Infants at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry in Vaughan?

Our dentists office is very child-friendly and has toys, books and more to appeal to your child and keep them occupied while waiting. Our office staff is extremely friendly and our dentistry in Vaughan is very welcoming!

If you are looking for a Dentist in Vaughan for your infant you should call our professionals at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry at 905 264 1543 or visit us online by clicking here to learn more!