Sedation Dentistry in Vaughan – Is it Right For My Children?



Is your child terrified of the dentist? Tired of wading through temper-tantrums and hissy fits when you’re simply trying to do what’s best for your child? At Woodbridge Kids, we make your visit fun and easy with our sedation dentistry in Vaughan. Learn more about this valuable service and get your child into the dental chair with no fear or tears today!

Why opt for sedation children dentistry in Vaughan?

Many children have a bad association with the dental office. The sounds of whirring dental implements and the thought of oral pain can unsettle adults, so it is no surprise that many children fear their upcoming appointments. When this anxiety sets in at their appointment, it often results in a child squirming around in the dental chair – not only are they moving too much to be properly treated, but they actually put themselves at risk by worming around while dental implements are in or around their mouth.

Not all children are fearful of the dentist, of course. Still, those who are calm and cooperative may have a very strong gag reflex that makes it hard to tolerate dental tools in their mouth without lurching and heaving.

Whether your child has a strong fear of the dentist’s office, or an overdeveloped gag reflex, sedation children dentistry will be recommended.

Understanding Sedation Children Dentistry in Vaughan

Most people associate sedation dentistry with its most extreme form – the kind of anesthesia that knocks them out completely and leaves them groggy for a few hours afterwards. This level of sedation children dentistry is typically reserved for serious surgeries like wisdom tooth extraction. Much more moderate forms of sedation children dentistry are offered at our Vaughan location, including:

  • Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen – Known colloquially as “laughing gas,” this form of sedation may be recommended after your consultation appointment. During your sedation children dentistry appointment, the dentist will assess whether this option is a good fit for your child. Laughing Gas is a mixes nitrous oxide with the oxygen we are used to breathing, and works by eliminating your child’s anxiety and nervousness without rendering them unconscious. The Laughing Gas is inhaled using a small child-sized mask, and its effects set in rather quickly. Your child will remain alert and responsive throughout the treatment, even being able to talk with the dentist. Once the treatment is completed, the effects wear off within 5 minutes or so.
  • Oral sedation – An oral sedative will be recommended based on your calculations factoring in your child’s weight, age, and level of anxiety. Your child will take the oral sedative on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to the sedation children dentistry appointment. The oral sedative comes in a variety of “flavours.” Once taken, your child will be allowed to roam our play area until the effects become noticeable – this typically takes 10-20 minutes. Though sleep is not necessarily induced, many children do become groggy and lethargic during their appointment. The effects may continue 2-3 hours after the appointment. You must monitor your child closely during this period. Many times, your child will have a foggy recollection of the visit.
If you would like to learn more about sedation children dentistry in Vaughan, click here or call (905)-264-1KID today!