Smartphone App for Orthodontic Patients


One of the major concerns that orthodontists have with their job of teeth and bites alignment is the oral hygiene of their patients with braces. They can’t check daily that their patients correctly comply with the cleaning instructions.

That is the concern that Mighty Brace, a HIPAA-compliant smart phone app and online portal aims to address. Mighty Brace was created by David Hime, an orthodontist, to educate and motivate orthodontic patients on proper oral hygiene. The app also allows dentists to remotely monitor their patients’ progress.

Smart dental hygiene needs to be a lifestyle choice, and the best way to help our children follow through with this decision successfully is to integrate oral care with a digital solution like Mighty Brace, which speaks the same language as today’s generation,” says Dr. David Hime. “Instead of fighting tooth and nail for patient compliance, both professionals and parents now have an ally through Mighty Brace.”

Mighty Brace is available in three versions: Pro, Home, and Web.

The Home version can be downloaded for free. One of its features is the Mighty Brace Game. Through Mighty Brace Game, patients can compete with the other patients and earn Advanced Certificates of Achievement. The app’s Interactive Learning feature “guides patients through a fun, interactive lesson on proper oral hygiene and diet while they’re wearing braces.”

The Pro version is for the dentists while the Web version improves doctor-patient communications through “easy-to-use messaging and customizable reminder features.”

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