Snack Habits for Healthy Mouths: Tips from a Pediatric Dentist in Vaughan



New parents are constantly thinking about what they are feeding their child. As our knowledge of nutrition and dietary health continues to grow, the old adage that “you are what you eat” in being increasingly proven correct, and so finding healthy food to feed to our children is becoming increasingly important in a world shackled by fast-food chains. Though it is very important to quality of the food your child is consuming, it is equally important to optimize the way they are eating it. In other words, the way you eat might be just as important as the things you eat when it comes to maximizing your infant’s dental care.

Woodbridge Kids Dentistry has been helping Vaughan residents improve their infant’s dental care since 2004, and we would like to share some snacking habits from our pediatric dentist to help keep your child’s smile in shape!

  • Keep your bottles for formula, milk, and breast-milk only. Some parents make the mistake of filling bottles with sugar-water, juice, and even soft drinks. Since the bottle is consumed over a long period of time, filling a bottle with these beverages (even ostensibly healthy drinks like pure fruit juice) will saturate your child’s mouth with sugar and negatively affect their baby teeth.
  • Make sure your child finishes their bottle before bed. Do not allow your child to go to bed with a bottle.
  • Keep pacifiers clean. Though parents understand the importance of pacifier cleanliness, this point refers more to the practice of dipping the end in honey or sugar. This common practice is a cavity-causing nightmare, and can hinder your child’s oral health even before teeth have erupted.
  • Toast your child’s first birthday with a cup of anything. Encourage your child to drink from a cup by the time they turn 1 year old. Setting and achieving this goal together can be fun and rewarding for both the child and parent, and phasing out the use of bottles and sippy-cups will do wonders for their dental health.
  • Wash down their food with water. Though bell peppers, tomatoes, and citric fruits are all wonderful for your child’s growth and nutrition, they can be damaging to the infant’s dental care if eaten improperly. After every meal, encourage your child to drink water to wash their food down. This will wash away harmful bacteria and acidic compounds, and is especially effective during the early years where soft foods are eaten often.

To learn more about healthy infant dental care from a qualified pediatric dentist in Vaughan, contact us now for a consultation or to book your next appointment!