School Snacks that Keep Teeth Cavity-Free



School is back in session, and we know your and your kids are busy getting back into your routine. Often it’s easier to give your child pre-packaged lunches and snacks for school, as there is no prep time involved.

Unfortunately, there are a lot processed sugars in those foods that aren’t great for your child’s teeth, and can lead to tooth decay and cavities. The team at Woodbridge Dentistry has put together a list of quick and easy snacks that you’re kids will love, and won’t damage their teeth.

Snacks that are good for teeth

Veggies: raw vegetables like carrots, celery, and cucumbers are filled with fiber, which helps to stimulate saliva. Saliva helps to protect teeth, control the pH balance in mouths, and helps to remove plaque throughout the day. Vegetables also don’t have the high citric acid that fruits have, making them even better for your kid’s teeth while providing them with essential nutrients. Cut up a couple of your kid’s favourite veggies and place them in a plastic container.

Cheese: cheese is full of calcium, which is great for developing teeth and bones. Add a couple of cheese slices to your child’s lunch, either on their sandwich or by themselves. Cheese is another food that helps produce saliva, protecting your child’s teeth.

Nuts: most schools ban nuts due to allergies, but you can give them to your child as an after-school treat (as long as they aren’t allergic). Nuts contain many vital minerals that help to strengthen tooth enamel. If your child loves fruit or juices, which contain a high concentration of enamel destroying citric acid, this is a great option for them.

Popcorn: popcorn is a healthy snack option, as it doesn’t contain any of the refined starch or sugars that chips have. Try and use less butter and salt to make it even healthier. Also, popcorn tends to get stuck in teeth, so make sure your child flosses after eating it.

Yogurt: yogurt is a tasty snack that many kids love. Plus, it’s filled with calcium and other vitamins that are great for growing bones and teeth. Plain yogurt is best as it doesn’t have any of the added sugars that flavoured yogurts have. You can always add fruit or granola for extra flavour if you’re child doesn’t like plain yogurt. If your child will only eat the flavoured yogurts, make sure that they drink water after they’ve eaten it to flush the sugar off of their teeth.

Bread: white bread is full of processed sugars that can harm your child’s teeth over time. Try and get your child to eat whole wheat instead. It has a lot less sugar, plus it’s full of fiber and other nutrients that are great for your child’s health.

Hard boiled eggs: eggs are full of protein and vitamins that are great for your child’s teeth. Make a few over the weekend, and they’ll be ready to go to pop into your child’s lunch throughout the week.

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