Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Minimizes Pain and Has Faster Recovery Times!



Does your child have dental anxiety? Soft tissue laser treatments are the answer!

Dental care is an important part of your child’s hygiene routine, and in fact, strongly reflects on their overall health. Soft tissue laser dental services have been gaining immense popularity recently as they do not involve the fixings of conventional dental care such as drills, needles and sharp tools that make dental visits scary for children. 

Woodbridge Kids Dentistry is an experienced and trusted children’s dentist in Vaughan, and now offers soft tissue laser treatments that have a quick healing time and minimal post-session pain. 

Our doctors strongly push for preventative dental care for your child. Don’t wait until problems arise to book an appointment as you will be putting your child through unnecessary pain that could even lead to an infection. 

Is laser dentistry better? In a word, yes! This is a versatile treatment that helps address tooth decay, gum disease, lesion removals, teeth whitening and more. The lasers are delivered in the form of light, meaning the need for anesthesia is reduced, the patient’s anxiety relating to the treatment is also reduced and there is minimal bleeding and swelling. 

What Conditions Does Laser Dentistry Treat?

This treatment has a widespread capacity to heal a range of conditions. The main ones are;

Gum Lesions

Most mouth lesions are benign, but better safe than sorry, right? The laser cauterizes the wound as it cuts, minimizing bleeding and swelling, thus accelerating recovery times. 


This is characterized by a short, thick strip of tissue that tethers the tongue’s tip to the bottom of the mouth, restricting movement. Sometimes, this condition can correct itself before 3 years of age, however, it does pose problems when breastfeeding. 

Again, the laser is used to cut the connecting tissue and cauterize the wound to accelerate healing. 


When it comes to cavities, children (and even adults!) fear those sharp drills used by dentists and would prefer living with the cavity. In certain cases, soft tissue lasers can treat cavities and help salvage the healthy tooth. Seeing as it doesn’t generate that disconcerting thrum of a drill, your child is more comfortable during the treatment. 

Lengthening Crowns

When a tooth is cracked, misshapen or broken, a crown lengthening is performed to recontour the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth’s surface for a crown. 

The highly concentrated beam of light is used to extract and sculpt the tissue, allowing the dentist to access the treatment area with precision. The laser cauterizes the cut and reduces the risk of infection. 

How Do Laser Dental Treatments Work?

Soft tissue treatments rely on the delivery of light that is taken in by the body through absorption. This treatment is effective in destroying bacteria and stimulating tissue regeneration. 

These lasers are engineered to close the offending nerves through tissue penetration. This is why most patients do not exhibit any pain after the procedure. The laser also promotes accelerated healing of damaged tissue. 

The treatment has an immense success rate for conditions like lip ties, frenectomy (removal of an obstructive tissue), gingivectomy (crown lengthening), cold and canker sores, biopsies, closing teeth gaps and exposing unerupted teeth.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Treatments

There are a handful of benefits of opting for this treatment as opposed to traditional methods of dentistry. 

  • There is a reduced requirement for sutures when using these kinds of lasers
  • The laser is non-invasive and keeps bleeding to a minimum
  • Anesthesia may be redundant for some patients depending on the condition
  • The sterilizing laser mitigates the possibility of bacteria-related infections
  • The laser encourages quick tissue regrowth, leading to the quick healing of wounds
  • The procedure results in far lesser damage to neighbouring areas

Woodbridge Kids Dentistry Performs Safe Soft Tissue Laser Treatments

With minimal pain and accelerated recovery times, these types of dental treatments are ideal for children who already have a fear of going to the dentist. 

Our experienced doctors will first assess your child’s medical history and suggest the most effective treatment plan. Our doctors perform under the highest standards of medical safety and make sure your child is comfortable throughout the treatment.

Trust your child’s dental needs to the best. We’re now taking appointments!

Schedule an appointment today to protect your child’s oral health!