Study Shows High Caries Rate in Kids with Heart Disease



Poor oral health in children is not only an indicator of poor dental care but also of other health problems like heart disease according to a study published in the Brazilian Oral Research journal.  Researchers in Brazil found a significantly higher incidence of caries in the primary teeth of children with congenital heart problems. Childhood caries include decayed, missing or filled teeth.

For the study, pediatric dentists analyzed the oral profile and medical records of 144 children, 3 to 5 years old, who have been diagnosed to have congenital heart disease. The result showed that at least 80 percent of the children had one or more caries.

The study supports the importance of proper dental care even for primary or temporary teeth.  Primary teeth inspection is important because they can be indicators of more serious health problems. Sometimes, they are not given the proper care because they will be replaced soon anyway.

When Should Proper Dental Care Begin?

Dental health practitioners recommend proper dental care even before the appearance of a baby’s first tooth. It’s because a baby’s 20 primary are already there at birth; they are just not visible yet.  So, it is important to keep a baby’s gums clean with a damp wash cloth in preparation for the time the primary teeth erupt.

Parents and child caregivers should learn more about proper dental care by taking the child to a pediatric dentist whose primary goal is more of prevention against oral health problems. Some websites like  provide valuable information on how to keep your kids’ mouth healthy.

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