The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups



Have you ever wondered why dental professionals around the world recommend that you visit a dentist at least once every six months? It’s because regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums; this is especially important for children. It’s crucial for a oral health specialist to ensure that your child properly works to keep his/her teeth and gums clean and healthy. Woodbridge kids Dentistry offers a wide variety of dental care services in Woodbridge, Vaughan as well as the rest of the York Region, Toronto, Dufferin/Peel and surrounding areas.

Why Seeing a Family Dentist Regularly is a Necessity

The foundation for healthy teeth in children is focuses on the first years of a child’s life. It is important for children to see a dentist on a regular basis. Poor diet (such as bad habits of food intake) and inadequate toothbrushing habits during the first 2 years of life have been shown in several studies to be related to tooth decay later in life. The development of cavities in primary teeth will actually further increases the risk of developing cavities in permanent teeth. This is why it is important that children visit the dentist often to ensure that their dental health is in check.

Why Good Oral Habits Need to Start Young

It is essential to establish a proper oral hygiene routine early in life to help ensure the development of strong and healthy teeth. This not only includes daily dental care, but also frequent and consistent visits to the dentist. Our dentists and staff at Woodbridge Kids Dentistry, understand the importance of quality care for children and teens, and will help kids set a dental health routine; this will help children and parents to understand the importance of oral hygiene. Regular dental visits should be presented as an integral part of the hygiene routine.

We understand that children are very sensitive to social stimuli such as praise and affection, so we employ various techniques to encourage children to take care of their oral well being. Our dentists recognize that physiological and mental development affects the oral care of children.

What should you expect from our Woodbridge dentists?

For over 10 years Woodbridge  Kids Dentistry has formed positive relationships with families around Vaughan and the York Region area. Woodbridge Kids Dentistry’s dentists are all trained in focusing on the specific dental needs of children and adolescents. Our team of committed dentists, nurses, dental assistants, and administrative staff are dedicated in offering one of the best dental care experiences in Woodbridge.

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