The Sweet Truth About Sugar Addicts



Sugar is super food for plaque. Period. As much as we love to eat it, lick it or drink it, there’s a consequence to this love affair. The combined energy force of sugar and plaque forming bacterias has them multiplying faster, growing in size and stickiness, causing a glue like substance on your teeth. Poor ol’ saliva has no chance to wash away any daily lingering bacteria. The biggest culprit? Sugar.

But that’s not all! Not only can sugar harm your teeth, it can make you fart, invite unwanted headaches, taunt you to take a nap, fogginess and maybe even induce a moody cat fight with your sister or brother.

Truth is, most of us have no idea how much sugar we consume each day and it’s a scary truth.

Would you believe the average person eats enough sugar that equals more than 1.7 million Skittles in a lifetime?

How much sugar do YOU eat? Find out all the deets on the Sugar Addicts Infographic: