Tips To Get Kids to Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth



Getting kids to brush their teeth can be difficult because just like eating vegetables or taking a bath, brushing their teeth is a necessary activity that most kids aren’t always enthusiastic about. But regular brushing is important to help children prevent tooth decay and develop good oral hygiene habits. If you have a child that is fighting you tooth-and-nail on brushing their teeth, keep reading for some great tips on how to make kids enjoy brushing their teeth.

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Tips To Get Kids to Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth  

Be encouraging: The best way to get your child to enjoy brushing their teeth is to give them

compliments, and encourage them. If they are being praised for brushing their teeth properly, they will want to keep doing it.

Be a good role model: You are your child’s biggest role model, and they are going to want to copy what you do. By letting them see that you brush your teeth on a regular basis is a good way to start. Try and make it look like you enjoy doing it, so that your child thinks that it is fun and will want to do it too.

Make bubbles: Kids love bubbles, so one way to get them to enjoy brushing their teeth is to get them to make bubbles. Make it a game either with their siblings or with yourself to see who can make the most bubbles in two minutes.

Let them choose their toothbrush: By letting your child choose their own toothbrush, they will be more excited to use it. Also, let them pick the type of toothpaste they want to use. If your child hates the flavour of the toothpaste, they are not going to want to brush their teeth.

Show and tell: Try using a dissolving agent, which is available at dental offices and pharmacists’ counters. This usually comes as a small tablet that your child chews, and then any plaque on their teeth will show up as a bright colour. This way your kid can visually see that their teeth are dirty, and will want to clean them.

Brush like train wheels: Getting kids to enjoy brushing and learn how to do it properly is to get them to think of it like wheels. Having kids think of the wheels on a train or car will teach them to brush correctly, in big, massaging circles.

Sing or count time: If your child has trouble making it to two minutes while brushing, have them sing the alphabet. If your child knows how to sing the alphabet quickly, you can pick another song that lasts about two minutes. You can also give them an egg timer to count the time down; let them set the timer to make them feel important.

Give brushing a fun story: Sometimes kids need a reason to get them on board with things. Tell your child that the sugar bugs will make holes in their teeth if they don’t brush them off. Just don’t make it sound too scary; the last thing you want to is to frighten your child.

Brushing buddy: If your child needs extra encouragement, let them bring their favourite doll or stuffed animal into the bathroom to brush with them. You can even get them to brush their toy’s teeth as well to make a game of it.

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