Who knew? Just for the Tooth of it!



No two tongues are the same. True or False.

True! Let the crime busters unite! Just like finger prints, each one is tastefully unique.


Seriously, what’s is Halitosis anyway?

A. Gum receding

B. Bad breath

C. Periodontal disease

D. Tartar


B. Why heeeelllooo Mr. Dentist. Can you help my shtanky bad breath? Considered one of the top three reason’s to visit the dentist. No Joke!


According to a recent survey, 73% of North Americans would rather do what than floss?

A. Brush their teeth more

B. Walk their dog

C. Go grocery shopping

D. Use a mouthwash


C. Yup…buy more food. Mmmm..more cheese please!


Replace that nasty toothbrush when?

A. Once a year

B. In about 6 months

C. Every 2-3 months

D. Whenever it’s worn out


C. Every 2-3 months take a trip to the store. However, if you have been feeling crappy, replace now! Most popular colour is BLUE!


What is the strongest part of the human body?

A. Bone

B. Tooth enamel

C. Fingernails


B. Put up your dukes bones, tooth enamel wins. Diamonds, a.k.a. ‘a girl’s best friend’, are the only substance on Earth that is stronger! Did you know drinking lots of energy/sports drinks can actually dissolve our enamel!


What food causes tooth decay?

A. Lemon

B. Donuts

C. Potatoes

D. The whole kit and caboodle above


D. Yes, even potatoes. All of these foods contain acid. Bacteria are triggered to make acid when you eat anything with carbohydrates – including sugar!


Brushing your teeth removes tartar build up? True or False.

False. Come on! Only the magic of hand held tools used by dental hygienists can truly chisel off the strong build-up of tartar on those chompers.


Hey Tooth Fairy! What’s the going rate for a tooth these days?

A. Over $2.00

B. About a buck

C. 50 cents

D. That’s secret info!


A. The truth of the tooth is out! According to “The Original Tooth Fairy Poll” the average cost to build her fairy tooth castle is $2.42 per tooth! That’s one expensive castle!