Why Invisalign is Better than Traditional Braces



Metal braces traditionally correct improperly aligned teeth, but these are known to affect comfort and result in low self-esteem, especially in teenagers who are more aware of their appearance. Recently, invisible braces have become more popular for teens, as they correct the alignment of teeth without jeopardizing self-esteem.

If you’re in the Vaughan area and your teen needs braces to treat teeth crowding, gaps, crossbite, underbite or overbite, Woodbridge Kids offers Invisalign, an invisible alternative to metal braces.
Is your child worried that needing braces will affect their appearance? Invisalign is a great option that will fix their dental issues, without taking away their confidence. Book your child’s Invisalign appointment today at (905) 264-1543! Keep reading to learn more.

Why Invisalign is Better than Traditional Braces

Versatility and Comfort

Unlike metal braces that are permanent unless removed by a pediatric dentist, your teen can easily remove their invisible braces when necessary. Attaching metal braces is a painful experience for many. The discomfort causes some kids to not be able to properly eat or drink for the first few weeks. They will also experience this discomfort during periodic adjustments.

With Invisalign, discomfort is no longer a problem as these invisible braces are removable and made from a more comfortable plastic material.This greatly helps your teen maintain their normal eating and drinking patterns, and remain comfortable even while their teeth are being correctly aligned. This also allows them to better brush and floss their teeth and maintain good oral hygiene without constraints, unlike metal braces which restrict access to the teeth, making brushing and flossing difficult.


Metal braces can hurt the teeth and gums, as the wire and protruding metal can puncture the insides of the mouth and gums, causing further discomfort. But with invisible braces for kids, there is no risk of damaging the teeth and gums as Invisalign braces are made of a smooth and comfortable plastic.

Metal braces have also been known to demineralization and cause tooth decay. This is because food easily gets trapped underneath, making it difficult for your child to brush their teeth and reach all areas of the mouth while brushing; the wires also make flossing harder, so any food stuck between teeth may be difficult to remove. With Invisalign, your teen won’t have these problems as Invisalign braces are removable, making oral hygiene much easier.


Many teenagers are worried that braces will impact their look. Metal braces can put them in awkward situations, such as when they are out eating with their friends; braces can make it difficult for them to have a good time as food can easily get caught in their braces, making them feel self-conscience. But with Invisalign they won’t have to worry. These invisible braces are barely noticeable, as if they are not wearing braces at all. This allows them to relax and not worry so much about their appearance.

Clear Treatment Path

Kids who wear metal braces will need to frequent the dentist for fittings and adjustments. With Invisalign, your pediatric dentist can easily draw a clear path to straight teeth even before your child starts wearing them. Our patients in Vaughan typically undergo a fully computerized treatment planning session, giving parents and their teens everything there is to know about the straightening process.

Duration of Use

Typically, people wearing metal braces have them for as long as five years. This means five years of discomfort and pain during numerous periodic adjustments. But when your pediatric dentist corrects improper alignment using Invisalign, it only takes about a year to a year and a half for results to show and your child’s teeth are straightened. Invisalign braces put your teen on the fast track to straight and healthy teeth.

Make the comfortable and effective choice for a confident smile. Call (905) 264-1543 to inquire about Invisalign braces today!