Why Your Teenager Needs a Teen Orthodontist



The adolescent years are crucial years for your child. During this time they undergo puberty and try to discover who they are. Not very many teens are exactly thrilled to learn that they need braces, as they are becoming more aware of their appearance. For this reason, the help, advice and expert treatment skills of a teen orthodontist or pediatric dentist is valuable in ensuring that your teen’s oral health is maintained, and ensuring that their self-confidence isn’t jeopardized in the process. Here, we’ll learn how your teenager could benefit from seeing an orthodontist in Vaughan who specializes in providing dental care to adolescents.

Why a Teen Orthodontist

During teen years, your child’s permanent teeth have come in and replaced all their primary teeth. Because these will be their set of teeth for the rest of their lives, it’s more beneficial for an orthodontist to correct problems, such as gaps between teeth, bad bites and poor alignment, before they have time to worsen, or cause more serious issues. In their childhood, it might have been easy to dismiss these as temporary problems they would outgrow, but in their adolescent years, it becomes apparent that these dental conditions are here to stay, and need to be corrected.

Despite these dental problems now being more apparent, they are also easier to treat, if done promptly. Adolescence is equally an easy and challenging stage in physical development for teen orthodontists to manage. On one hand, your teen’s bones in their face and jaw are still developing, so their dental problems can still be easy enough to correct. On the other hand, though, the rapid body growth is a ticking clock – once the facial bones and jaw finish developing many dental conditions become far more challenging and costly to treat. This is where the expertise of your teen orthodontist or pediatric dentist comes in very handy; they are well-versed in working amidst rapid body growth and determining how to correct teeth.

Many teenagers are apprehensive about wearing braces. No one wants to be labeled a ‘metal mouth’; while this gives them straight teeth in the long run, the process can take a toll on their self-esteem. Luckily, our pediatric dentists and teen orthodontist deal with this dilemma from kids in Vaughan everyday and have heard many qualms as they try to get out of braces for fear of affecting their appearance.

Treatment Options used by Teen Orthodontists

Your teen orthodontist can present you with different orthodontic treatment options for your child. Aside from traditional metal braces, a teen orthodontist can now recommend treatment using ceramic brackets or invisible braces, known as Invisalign. These days, dental treatment is no longer only involves painful metal braces worn by everyone who has dental problems; orthodontists have developed other ways of correcting alignment and bridging gaps between teeth that don’t get in the way of your teen’s lifestyle, or affect their appearance. Depending on your kid’s needs, they may be able to wear less noticeable braces, which will correct their teeth without ruining the self-confidence.

Ceramic brackets are created from a single sapphire crystal, renowned as one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals, treated and polished into a strong bracket that’s invisible when bonded to your child’s teeth. On the other hand, Invisalign are custom-made, clear plastic aligners that are removable, and are barely visible as these work to correct teeth alignment and give your teen a confident smile in their growing up years.

Are you uncertain how to approach your teen’s dental treatment? Our orthodontists can give your child a confident smile in these defining moments in their lives. We can help when you call us at (905) 264-1543.